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Steamul Sauna is a private family business which started out of our passion and craving for saunas in 2010. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, traditional family values, make people happy and satisfied. Now Steamul Sauna is one of the most favorite destinations for true sauna lovers from all over GTA, Ontario and even USA. We take our business seriously and do our best to provide the highest quality traditional Eastern European bath house services with a perfect customer service experience.
Services and rates
Eastern European banyas with wood burning stoves and Finnish saunas

There is a valid reason why human beings have used Saunas for hygienic and health purposes since the Stone Age. It's because sweating has proven its effectiveness in flushing out toxins and disease and maintaining optimal physical as well as mental health. The most prominent and popular one of all is the Finnish Sauna. The skin is the largest organ in the body and through the pores it plays a major role in the detoxifying process alongside the lungs, kidneys, bowels, liver and the lymphatic and immune systems. The skin produces cool sweat to regulate the body's elevated temperature. It also has the ability to transform toxins from lipid-soluble or oil-based, into -easier to eliminate- water-soluble forms. Sweat carries toxins out of the body and flushes them through the pores. Sweating is the body's safe and natural way to heal. Our Eastern European Sauna in Mississauga helps visitors experience this medical healing first hand. Scientists and doctors are finally acknowledging what our ancestors instinctively knew, that regular sweating restores good health through the elimination of toxins. Therefore don't take the sauna for a mere luxury if you aim to achieve and maintain good health. It is a necessity, and a very reliable way to help your body stay healthy by eliminating toxin surcharge.

Sauna sessions
Services Price
Adult (Mon-Thu) $39.95 + HST
Adult (Fri-Sun) $44.95 + HST
Extra time – $2.50/15 minutes afer the 4 hrs stay
Child (age 1 - 5) free
Child (age 6 - 13) $15 + HST
Child (age 14 and up) adult price
10 visit pass* $349 + HST
20 visit pass* $665 + HST
40 visit pass* $1265 + HST
Oak venik (whisk) $29.95 + HST
* - No refund for bought prepaid visits
Halo therapy
Adult Senior, age 65+ Kids, age 1-12
1 session $35 $30 $20
5 sessions pack $150 $125 $85
10 sessions pack $250 $200 $150
monthly pass, max 7/week $299 $250 $200
Yoga classes
Classes and memberships Price Price per class
Singe class $39 $39
4 classes $140 $35
8 classes $260 $32
Would you like to take a yoga class in a salt room with walls covered in Himalayan salt crystals where a dry salt vapour is pumped into the air? The therapy, known as halotherapy, dated back to Europe in the 19th century. Salt has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory qualities that are all-natural. It can help with symptoms of respiratory ailments like asthma and COPD; skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, sleep issues like snoring and sleep apnea; and symptoms of the cold and flu as well as ear, nose and throat infections. It can also reduce stress and may even help prevent you from catching the cold, flu, and other illnesses. Doing yoga and breathing exercises in a salt room will open your airways so you can breathe more deeply and easily. Followed with meditation and relaxation, it will allow you to destress, restore and recharge. Come and enjoy a relaxing yoga class, with a focus on stress relief and well-being! These classes are suitable for all genders, ages and levels, including beginners. By combining gentle yoga and halotherapy (salt therapy), you are supporting your respiratory organs, healthy skin and balanced nervous system

What are benefits of sauna use?

- detoxification
- stress relief
- mind and body relaxation
- weight loss
- improved blood circulation
- improved immune system
- better recovery after workouts
- improved sports performance

What is included in my visit price?

Entrance fee includes a bathrobe, 3 towels, a locker, tea, purified drinking water and NO TIME LIMIT during business hours Monday through Thursday. 4 hours maximum limit on Friday and Sunday. $10 an hour for each full or partial hour above limit.

What should I bring for sauna session?

You need to have a bathing suite (for women) or shorts (for men), flip-flops. We recommend you have a woolen hat to prevent your head from overheating. If you don’t have one you can buy it from us.

How should I use sauna for my best benefit?

Individual heat tolerance varies. Listen to your feelings. If some people could be inside for 10-15 min, for others 1-2 min could be enough. We recommend start with warm shower and proceed with first short (5-7 min) session, then take warm shower again. Relax for 10-15 min, drink water or tea. Repeat sauna session 3-4 times with 10-15 min breaks. After second session you can start using contrast shower or cold water overhead buckets eventually going to cold water plunge. Drink a lot of water since your body gets dehydrated. Take your time and relax.

What is Halo therapy?

Halotherapy sessions last 45 minutes inside our Salt Palace room. Guests relax in reclining chairs and enjoy the beautiful glowing pink salt walls while calming music floats through the salt enriched air. The healing effect is increased with use of special state-of-the-art halo generator, which injects a dry salt aerosol into the salt room so you can realize the full benefits of our Himalayan salt in your lungs and on your skin.Great for all ages!

What are benefits of Halo therapy?

Because the salt is ground to a microscopic consistency, it can penetrate the deepest recesses of your lungs and skin, which is where the real work takes place.Salt's antibacterial properties create an unwelcome environment for microbes within your body, all while avoiding irritation to the mucus membranes. It's a natural way to aid in the treatment of numerous illnesses, including, but not limited to: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, eczema, sinus infections and other chronic ear, nose, throat and respiratory conditions.

Is nudity allowed in Steamul Sauna?

Nudity is allowed on same gender days like (Wednesday and Thursday).

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